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We wrote these poems after watching a video called COLONIAL HOUSE!

Busy Mum, too busy
Washing the clothes
In the olden days
It was hard work.
By Ripeka
Dad, good Dad, friendly Dad
Painting ash and oil on the house
In the 1900s
On the roof
To protect the roof from the rain.
By Lewis
Emma, the big girl
Milks cows and looks after the baby
100 years ago
In the forest
They were busy
By Juliet
Lazy little boys
Jumping on the wood
100 years ago
Next to the house
They didn’t want to do any work.
By Nathan
Lazy boy
Going eeling
In the 1900s
By the creek
So we have food to eat.
By Trace
Happy girl
Milking the cow
100 years ago
In the paddock (there was no fence)
So my family can drink milk.
By Rachel
My name is Emma, a lazy girl
Complaining about milking the cow
In the olden days
I helped Mum.
By Nakeyta
Playing baby
Watching Mum do washing
In 1909
In the farm
I do not have any jobs.
By Ryan