Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Diary

Can you see the windmills we made to keep the birds off?
Unfortunately we have noticed cabbage moth eggs on the broccoli, so we don't think the garlic spray and coffee worked.
Mrs Duffin suggested we try sprinkling flour on the leaves. Thanks Mrs Duffin, we'll try it!
Mrs Wall said that the trick with coffee is that you use old coffee grounds to keep the slugs and snails off. So she gave us some coffee grounds and we have put it round the garden. Thanks Mrs Wall!
And ... good news, the carrot seeds are up!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Garden

On the 10th of March we planted our garden:
  • a blueberry plant
  • lettuce plants
  • broccoli plants
  • purple carrot seeds
We were worried about white butterflies and birds damaging the plants so we are trying to protect them by:
  1. spraying the plants with garlic spray
  2. sprinkling coffee powder on the leaves
  3. making windmills to scare away the pests!

Green Day

On March 6 we had a Green Day! We dressed up in green clothes and Mrs Rosewarne made us green jelly and cupcakes, yum! Can you see Anthony (aka The Incredible Hunk) in the photo?

Doug the Digger

In February we had a visit from Mr Mac. He writes Doug the Digger books. He brought his digger to school and some of us got to have a go on it!