Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's what our garden looks like after the holidays!

The bad news is that the caterpillars destroyed the broccoli.
The good news is... our lettuces and carrots are doing very well!
Today we thinned the carrots to give them room to grow.
On Friday, the first of May, we're going to plant some garlic.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athletics Day

I am doing the long jump.

Athletics Day

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We jumped on the sandpit and took turns.
By Nathan
I won the sack race just before I fell over the finish line. I was very happy.
By Emma
I went to the athletics. I played Tug of War and I played discus but first we hopped off the bus and I played a running race. It was fun.
By Janice
I hopped out of the car and put my bag on the hill. I won the sprints. And I had an awesome lunch. Then I went to play tug of war. Then I watched the seniors run on the field. I felt great. Tomarata School won the race.
By Ryan