Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Space Mission

When Room 5 had Space Day first we blasted off. Then we got ready. We put the chairs into place. I had space food. For breakfast I had instant pudding.
By Trace

Disney on Ice

I went to Disney on Ice. The prince killed the dragon and the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty.
By Izaea


This is Mrs Rosewarne, Anthony and me. We are reading.
By Cameron

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am going into space in a fast rocket. When we hopped in the fast rocket we landed on the moon. I saw another planet. I like space. Look at Jupiter and Venus.
By Dylan

Guinea Pig

The guinea pig is here. By Anthony

Driving the Digger

Dad and me drove the digger and hopped out. Dad drove the truck to Karatia's house and we watched Shrek.
By Nathan


In the weekend me and Rebekah went to Renee's disco party. So did Rhianna. It is fun going to Renee's party. It was great dancing. We got to keep some balloons. We had some cupcakes and we had some cake.
By Janice

My Space Box

I brought my space box that had space stuff in the box. It had Saturn in the box and it had a spaceman.
By Callum

In the Flood

I went to Emma's and we went on the swing. Under the swing and the farm it was flooded. I was happy because we played in the water.
By Nakeyta

Ryan the Astronaut

On Thursday the 11th June 2009 I went to Uranus, Saturn and Pluto because it is my job. When I got to Saturn, I put a flag on it and Uranus and Pluto. I am in an astronaut suit.
By Ryan

When I went to Kaylee's House

We drove to Kaylee's house. We played on the tramp skipping. It was cool playing on the tramp. Then we played on playstation.


I love space. It has no air but some planets have rock and gas. You have to bring air in your tanks.
By Lisa

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dylan's Nursery Rhyme

This week we presented to the class a nursery rhyme that we had been practising. We think Dylan's was terrific! Here's Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear:


On Saturday we are going to Princess Wishes in Auckland. Then we are going to the Sky Tower to have lunch.
Next, we are going to the beach to have a walk, and then we are going to the Sky Tower to see the lights at night. Then we go home. I can’t wait.
By Rhianna


On the weekend I went to soccer. Then we ran to Sam to get our tops to wear on the field. It is white.
Then we played soccer. I was the goalie and I picked up the ball with the blue gloves and kicked the ball over my soccer team, then fell over.
I felt happy. We lost our game but we had lots of fun.
By Rachel


On Saturday we played the Sharks. We drew our game. Our team, the Dolphins, got the first goal. There was a boy who pushed three people on our team. Then we went home to watch a home movie with me in it.
I felt sad about our players.
By Lewis


I went to Princess Wishes and I liked Tinkerbell and I liked Snow White and Cinderella in the horse float. Then they danced on their skates.
At the end they let the Guy Fawkes off. It was marvellous and it was noisy.

By Emma

Friday, June 12, 2009

Space Mission!

Today in Room 5, we blasted off into space to repair the Hubble Telescope! We made space helmets and we all had different jobs to do. After manoeuvring past asteroids and space junk, the mechanics fixed the telescope. We ate 'space food' (instant pudding)out of small plastic bags. Then our pilot (Izaea) and co-pilot (Callum) steered us safely back to Earth. Hooray!

I am so glad that you enjoyed your space trip and got safely back to earth, all the way back to Tomarata. Thank you for repairing the Hubble Telescope.
Mrs Duffin

Callum the co-pilot turned us around when we went the wrong way
By Lewis
It was yummy dessert on the spaceship.We had to shake the dessert up and down. Dad wants to know where his dessert is?
By Emma