Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dear Bears,
I am sorry for breaking your chair and sleeping in your bed, Baby Bear. And I ate your porridge. I could fix your chair or I could buy you a new one. I am so, so sorry and I am sorry for not knocking.
From Goldilocks (aka Janice)

Hi Goldilocks' Dad,
your daughter broke my boy's chair. Can your daughter get a job and get our money back so my boy has a chair to sit on? Because his leg hurts!
By Rachel

Dear Bears
I'm sorry for coming into your house without asking.
Can I make dinner or breakfast? I'm sorry your things need to be fixed.
Can I come over sometime to play with Baby Bear?
Love from Goldilocks xoxo
(By Rhianna)

Dear Bears
I am sorry for breaking your bed and chair and eating your porridge. I will ask to come to play with Baby Bear with a bouncy ball and buy everything that I broke. I'm very sorry.
By Lewis

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring is

Spring is the time my cat sleeps.
Spring is when flowers bloom.
Spring is when lovely birds are chirping in my ear.
Spring is when blossoms bloom on trees.
By Rebekah